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Modified Date: 2014-09-25Signal Word: CAUTION WPS - YES REI Simple 12 hoursActive in TIRMS - YES
Registration # 8033-36-70506Appr 20050321 | Cancel 00000000Active(s) - Acetamiprid-
Insecticide - Water Dispersible Granule  TXFR to
Country: USAResistance Group 4A Insecticide
This product is primarily intended for use as an Insecticide in the Agriculture sector.

Assail provides unique translaminar activity and control of sucking and chewing insects. When used alone or as part of a resistance management program, this product is effective at controlling insects at all stages. Widely regarded as one of the most versatile insecticides on the market today, Assail can be used on a broad range of crops – from tree crops to vegetables to cotton.
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2eeEnglishpdf_document 2013-03-01 -PDF date 2(ee) Recommendation , 02.28.2013 Additional Use Directions For Blueberries (MI) -
2eeEnglishpdf_document 2013-05-09 -PDF date 2(ee) Recommendation , 05.09.2013 for use on Lowbush Blueberries (ME) -
2eeEnglishpdf_document 2012-04-20 -PDF date 2(ee) Recommendation , Rev. 4.17.12 For San Jose Scale on Pome Fruit (Various States) -




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