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Modified Date: 2014-05-16Signal Word: CAUTION WPS - YES REI Simple 0 hoursActive in TIRMS - YES
Registration # 100-1187Appr 20040813 | Cancel 00000000Active(s) - Azoxystrobin + Mefenoxam-
Fungicide - Emulsifiable Concentrate  TXFR to
Country: USAResistance Group 11 Fungicide + Group 4 Fungicide
This product is primarily intended for use as a Fungicide in the Agriculture sector.

Uniform® fungicide, a pre-mix formulation of Quadris® and Ridomil Gold® fungicides, provides first class systemic and protectant control of yield-robbing diseases. Uniform controls all three phases of disease – seed rot, pre-emergent seedling rot and post-emergent damping off.
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