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Product NameREG NumberData / Labels / (M)SDSProductTypeActive
Bentgrass Selective Herbicide10404-44
Details for Bentgrass Selective Herbicide by LESCO Inc.
Herbicide, Postemergence - Soluble Concentrateview_CropLife
Crosscheck Plus GC279-3156-10404
Details for Crosscheck Plus GC by LESCO Inc.
Insecticide - Flowable Concentrateview_CropLife
Crosscheck Plus Multi-Insecticide279-3206-10404
Details for Crosscheck Plus Multi-Insecticide by LESCO Inc.
Insecticide / Miticide - Flowable Concentrateview_CropLife
Horticultural Oil10404-66
Details for Horticultural Oil by LESCO Inc.
Fungicide / Insecticide / Miticide - Oils (no added pesticide)view_CropLife
**Lesco 18 Plus51036-361-10404
Details for **Lesco 18 Plus by LESCO Inc.
Fungicide - Emulsifiable Concentrate
Lesco 18 Plus Fungicide432-888-10404
Details for Lesco 18 Plus Fungicide by LESCO Inc.
Fungicide - Emulsifiable Concentrateview_CropLife
LESCO Banol (NLA)432-942-10404
Details for LESCO Banol (NLA) by LESCO Inc.
Fungicide - Soluble Concentrateview_CropLife
LESCO Green Flo 18-3-6EXEMPT
Details for LESCO Green Flo 18-3-6 by LESCO Inc.
Fertilizer - Liquidview_CropLife
Lesco Manicure 6FL Turf And Ornamental Fungicide60063-7-10404
Details for Lesco Manicure 6FL Turf And Ornamental Fungicide by LESCO Inc.
Fungicide - Flowable Concentrateview_CropLife
Lesco Spectator Ultra 1.3 Fungicide100-741-10404
Details for Lesco Spectator Ultra 1.3 Fungicide by LESCO Inc.
Fungicide - view_CropLife
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