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Modified Date: 2015-06-26Appr 20080303 | Cancel 00000000 Active in TIRMS - 1 YES
Registration # 5950-576Signal Word:DANGERActive(s) - Dicamba-
Herbicide, Postemergence - Emulsifiable ConcentrateGHS Signal Word: TXFR to
Country: USAResistance Group O Herbicide (4)
This product is primarily intended for use as an Herbicide, Postemergence in the Agriculture sector.

Vision is a dicamba acid herbicide for effective control of broadleaf weeds. It provides this superior performance in varying weather conditions and a wide range of tillage systems. Vision features a co-formulated adjuvant system for enhanced wetting, spreading and compatibility. Vision is compatible with a wide range of herbicides and liquid fertilizers.
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