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Modified Date: 2014-05-16Signal Word: CAUTION WPS - YES REI Simple 12 hoursActive in TIRMS - YES
Registration # 432-1499Appr 20100726 | Cancel 00000000Active(s) - Indaziflam-
Herbicide, Preemergence - Wettable Powder  TXFR to
Country: USAResistance Group B Herbicide (29)
This product is primarily intended for use as an Herbicide, Preemergence in the Turf & Ornamentals sector.

Pre-emergent herbicide with residual control for warm-season turf

Superior weed control in even the most difficult conditions
Broad-spectrum control of grassy weeds – including Poa annua, crabgrass and goose grass – as well as more than 60 broadleaf weeds
Will not stain or leave any odor behind after application
Tank mix flexibility to easily mix with selective herbicides, allowing control of weeds both pre- and post-emergently
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