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Modified Date: 2015-06-26Appr 20031117 | Cancel 00000000 Active in TIRMS - 0 NO
Registration # 241-426Signal Word:CAUTIONActive(s) - imazapyr-isopropylammonium-
Herbicide - Soluble ConcentrateGHS Signal Word: TXFR to
Country: USAResistance Group B Herbicide (2)
This product is primarily intended for use as an Herbicide in the Industrial Vegetation Management sector.

hly effective – even with just one application. Habitat helps increase productivity, decrease maintenance costs, expand treatment programs and reclaim wetlands and waterways.
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24cEnglishpdf_document 2010-03-04 -PDF date 24(c) Registration , ND-050002 NVA 2009-04-246-0258 To Control Saltcedar -
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