Product Information for more than 10,000 Commercial and Professional Use Products intended for use in the Agriculture, Turf & Horticulture, Professional Pest Management, and related industries are featured on the TIRMS Network.

The TIRMS product database includes the largest and most up-to-date collection of Manufacturer's Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets for Pesticide, Fertilizer, and Specialty use products Registered or offered for sale and use in the United States.

In order to insure accuracy of the TIRMS Network repository we incorporate database information from a variety of sources to verify that the most current products and their safety and technical information are included.


Watch this area for updates and new service features from TIRMS Network

- More than 400 products are now designated as "biopesticides". Watch for the Green check icon on the product detail pages of our site.

- The TIRMS Collection feature is now available for Dealers/Distributors, Researchers, and End-Users...

- See our New Projects Page. Be sure to vist the links on that page to find Biopesticides, and Reduced Risk A.I. listings.





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